Monday, February 9, 2009

Drinks Are on Us!

Come on over to 1000 Markets and see our latest product offering - drink coasters. These indispensable delicacies are a fun, inexpensive way to jazz up your home decor and protect your pricey furniture at the same time.

We have several styles to fit any personality: there's the prim/country Stars N Stripes; the edgier, indie Raspberry Zebras; and the elegant Floral Fantasy. New colors and styles are being added every week.

We had a lot of fun delving into the scrap basket, sorting through our stash of old clothes and coordinating new fabrics for this new project. So let the Recycled Jeans Company show you how recycled and discarded fabrics can be turned into something fabulous, something amazing, a little something we like to call "Eco-Chic!"

4 comments: said...

What a great idea customize your scraps...HEHEHE

terryann said...

nice idea, I usually make little zippy pouches from my scraps, or patchwork totes (dawanda) or fringe!! yes crazy go nuts, fluffy fringe.

Amy said...

Would love to see some of your fringe. That sounds like fun!

terryann said...

Here is where I put some of that fringe on a purse but I also have sold it by the yard.