Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Contest Winner

We have a winner in our "Give My Hamster a Voice" contest! It was hard to chose, but Genevieve is a HUGE Def Leppard fan so in the end we decided on ButterflyDesign1's quote "Pour some sugar on me..."

Thanks to you all who participated. Just for fun, I thought I'd tell you how the decision process played out. I chose the top three answers, then my 12 year old daughter, the actual hamster owner picked the final winner.

Our top three answers were:

1. Pour some sugar on me...
2. One hamster or two? - by Lissa
3. I is not a sugarcube! - by AmyJosCreations 10 year old daughter

As promised, our winner will be receiving a $25 gift certificate from The Recycled Jeans Company. Thank you all again so much for participating. We'll have another fun and exciting contest coming up soon, so stay tuned.