Thursday, January 15, 2009

Save $$ without Compromising on Style

Let's face it - the economy isn't as robust as it once was so we all have to make tough choices these days. I don't know about you, but my family isn't eating out as often; we're opting to stay at home and watch movies on pay-per-view instead of going to the theatre; and we're taking fewer vacations.

One thing we are NOT doing is letting our money escape out the windows and doors. We are using draft stoppers. And it's making a difference in our utility costs. I knew when I saw daylight peeking underneath the front door that I needed to do something to plug up the problem, so to speak. So, I tried a rolled-up towel in the beginning. Ugh! It was ugly and it was too lightweight to stay in place. 

Finally, an Etsy friend, GEEKDETAILS (fabulous geekery, you MUST check her out!) put in a special request for draft stoppers and they turned out so well I knew I had to make some for myself too. Soon, not only did my foyer look FABULOUS, but draft stoppers were my number one seller.

If you know how to sew, you can quickly and easily stitch up your own money-saving door and window guards. Or, if you don't have the time or inclination to make your own, you can pop over to The Recycled Jeans Company's Etsy store where we've got a nice selection to choose from. You can choose a pre-made stopper, or you can custom order your own fabric and size.

Whether your style is basic or bold and beautiful, The Recycled Jeans Company has got a draft stopper for you. 

6 comments: said...

What a stylish necessaity!!! Love the look of them

Anonymous said...

I love mine. The area by my desk is so much warmer now that these are on the windows. They're really well made too to the point that they weren't ruined when the puppy chewed on them ... unlike her puppy toys that fall apart with the tiniest nibble

Amy said...

HaHa. Maybe I should also market them as puppy chew toys?!? So glad to hear they are working out well for you.

terryann said...

yep... I love to shop the local thrift! tomorrow is "stuff a bag for $5" day!

Anonymous said...

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Cherness said...

Are you still selling these? If so, how much do you charge for them? Also, how much do you charge to make a more custom one?